Snowdrop Botanical Painting

When I’m inspired I see the world as a new place. There is a dance in my heart, and I wake up with birds singing. I am motivated.


I’ve discovered that this sneaky friend only graces me when I’m inspired. When I’m uninspired, she leaves out the back door. And I’m stuck in a winter of a moment. Did I lose my place? Overwhelmed by thoughts and the rushing sound of life. Did I forget to smell the roses, to get side tracked by clouds? 

I don’t know where my motivation went. She left me empty handed. I can’t remember that it was inspiration who called her name. Inspiration welcoming in my motivation just like the snowdrops that greet spring.

Snowdrops seem to jingle, shaking the dew from their paperthin bells. I gathered, arranged, and placed them happily until I found something pleasing in the way that they were. I was inspired and motivation was my friend again.


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