Resurrection Egret in Black I & II | Moody Painting

Egrets and herons have become a familiar friend. I’m accustomed to the curve of their neck, the feathers on their back, and their delicate features. I love to paint the background velvety black. To me it’s relaxing in absolute certainty. There is no question asked. It’s just black.  

In this reinterpretation of my earlier Egrets in Black, I’ve decided to connect the two pieces not just in their stances, but also with a live oak branch that ties the two birds together.  I painted the branch bare at first, looking out my studio window at the live oak branches criss crossing in my front yard. It wasn’t right and I pondered for several weeks on what was missing.

I went to my front yard and stared up at the branches seeking something to finish the painting. I realized that I needed to add the resurrection ferns. The resurrection ferns added the life and color this piece needed.

Resurrection ferns can live up to 100 years without rain. Without rain they dry up and turn a dusty brown. When it rains, the shriveled ferns miraculously return to life. Green and glistening. 

The rain moves me like resurrection ferns. When I hear its sound, I feel renewed. My favorite mornings are stormy mornings that wake me up early. I hear the rain in the darkness and fall back to sleep smiling. 

And when I feel dried up, inspiration gone, I need to remember that it only takes a little rain for a miracle to happen to my little ferns in my front yard.


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This painting is in private collection.


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