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When the seasons change, sometimes I feel something is missing – like I hadn’t truly lived through them. That I didn’t appreciate them for what they were. That they were just something passing me by. I want to change that. I want to be connected to the seasons. Let everything about them inspire me. Not looking ahead to next season, but letting the changes around me direct me. 

I think as humans we go through seasonal cycles, work in cycles, and live in cycles. I had gotten away from this natural way of living. Maybe that’s why I felt this strong push to focus on the seasons this year – to let the natural world in. I’ve also realized that I work best in seasons. Painting without timelines, following inspiration, creating in gentle rhythms. 

This year I want to share a painting or two each month. Paintings that were created without rush. Letting them sit and wait to be finished. Some paintings are created over months or years and develop and become more nuanced over time. And some are created over a couple a weeks – an idea formed clear in my head that I spell out in paint through hours in the studio.

Painting, photographing, and printmaking. Allowing myself to wander through the process. Gently creating. No rush, but steady progress being made. 

Months mark the time through seasons and I love a good monthly theme.  The first Saturday of most months, I will be sharing a new painting and its print. A painting chosen specially for that month and time. I’m excited to mark the calendar with plans of mini monthly releases!

For the first week of each month the painting and prints of the month will be 15%. The discount code will be emailed in my monthly Studio Updates. (You can sign up below) Talk to you soon. – Lorin