Minas Gerais | Brazilian Painting Inspiration

The sky welcomed me to Brazil with rainy afternoons. It was a beautiful gray that pulled purple when contrasted with the red earth. The misty gray skies and the dusty greens rolled over me like the clouds passing through.

I closed my eyes as the rain drops pattered on the roof of the car and breathed in deep. Seeing, breathing, and being  – surrounded by the mountains that stretch into the horizon. The hills becoming one with the clouds of incoming rain.

This short trip to visit family was exactly what I needed. A change of scenery, a change of pace, and a change of view.

While in Brazil, I heard a great message in a beautiful church. Fishermen after a day of catching nothing were washing their nets and repairing them. Then, Jesus took them to the deep water and they threw their nets overboard and caught so many fish they almost sunk.

The fishermen were prepared for their miracle. They had repaired their nets before. There were no holes their blessing could flow out of – never to be known. They threw their nets over in trust. 

Are their holes in the nets of my life? Or am I stuck in repair mode and afraid to throw my net over? Not wanting to let go. Afraid of the deep water.

It’s a gentle tug. My heart feeling the beauty of such expansive spaces. The sky and land reminding me to breathe and let go. To loosen the grip on my nets. Trusting that I won’t sink.

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