Faxi Lupines | Iceland Painting

The wide and beautiful Faxi waterfall crashes into a tumbling river flanked by the national flower of Iceland, lupines, and the native wildflower, angelica. A perfect introduction to Iceland’s waterfalls – this secluded fall’s name originates from the Icelandic word “fax” which means horse mane. Reminiscent of a horse’s mane the falls glistens and shakes next to  a stair-casing salmon ladder to help the abundant salmon swim upstream. 

While the wide beauty of the falls is undeniable, one of my favorite moments from here was the beautiful mix of angelica and lupine. They graced the shores of the river and continued on out of sight. There was a little trail through the lupine as you followed the river’s edge through mossy boulders. The overcast colors of the sky paired with the lavender blue and bright green of the angelica made me instantly want to paint this scene.


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