Midcentury Inspired Botanical Painting | Banana in Ochre

The high painted wood ceilings, exposed pipes, and concrete floors perfectly accentuate the midcentury inspired interior design of this New Orleans apartment. The massive industrial windows flood the space with light and give gorgeous views of the New Orleans skyline. 

However, before this painting’s dream home, it lived for almost a year in my studio. I was initially inspired by the bright green and forever summer vibes of banana plants and wanted to paint them life size. Something was missing though. 

When the new owner of this piece saw this piece still in its beginning stages, he loved it right away and helped transform the painting into something that fit his unique style and aesthetic. We tested many different colors to land on this perfect yellow ochre based hue that nods to wood tones in the room.

Now, the painting is blocks from City Park and living the life in NOLA. Thanks to this collector for trusting me with his vision!

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