How to Find the Art you Love

Art is something beyond practicalities. It speaks to us on a level deeper than appearances. It finds us where we are and says something about who we were, who we are, and who we want to become. Art reflects itself on the observers subtly. Art stands on its own and waits for a mirroring reflection. A true fit. 

There are underlying connections that pull us toward certain pieces of art. When we find the art that matches the unspoken joys that fill our heart, we can create an environment that nourishes us and a home that reflects us. 

I have found that when we can start to narrow down some of the elements of art. We can start to more easily find and attune to the art that we care connected to. Determining our inner preferences for contrast, style, and color can help us find the art we connect to on a deep level.


Tension in a painting is often created through the use of contrast. High contrast can create luxurious or embolden art while low contrast can create mediative or elegant art.

Contrast can be created subtly through the gradual adjustment of color tones or more boldly through distinct difference in color or texture. Most art will have some aspect of contrast as this is a tool that artists use to create interest and connection to their art. 

High Contrast

High contrast art adds drama and elegance to your home. The minimalist aspects of high contrast can provide a sense of peace and simplicity.

Medium Contrast

Often medium contrast paintings will use contrast on a smaller scale. Color and texture changes indicate differences in light source or material. These paintings usually feel very balanced and the sense of balance can provide peace.

Low Contrast

Low contrast paintings can give the eyes a visual rest. They are often monochromatic or have subtle color changes. They can provide peace to a home with their understated beauty.

Representational style

Art reflects the world. The degree of that visual reflection determines its representational style. I have simplified art representation styles into three categories – realism, abstracted realism, and abstract art.


This style of painting takes direct inspiration from the natural world. The subject is easily identified and the artist adds their emotional emphasis through uses of color, contrast, and focus.


This style of painting is still inspired by the natural world, but also takes liberty with that inspiration. The emotional emphasis is often more apparent and is sometimes expressed through brush stroke, a twist on contrast, or an alternative use of color. 



The inspiration behind this style of art is not always apparent. It may be inspired by the natural world or from the emotional realm. An idea or inspiration is often distilled to its most simple form – a complex task that enables an artist to use whatever artistic tool that have to express it. (Color, contrast, texture) 


One of the most prominent features of a piece of art is color. The color of a work of art subconsciously affects our perception of it. Just as our world shifts through tones and shades of color, most accomplished paintings have a color emphasis.

Artists have a variety of colors to work with. Cool and warm variations for each color. An artist may use a cool blue in a shadow and a warmer blue in sun to create a balanced painting. Next time you are outside, notice the subtle changes in color tones of an object in sun and shade. Additionally, the color temperatures that an artist uses helps to develop the style of the artist. 

Think of art in a color season. You are most likely drawn to a color season. Paintings and preferences of course can cross color seasons. However, finding your preferred color season will help you discover what art you are innately drawn to. 


Deep, muted colors. Think rainy summer day. While this season uses both warm and cool colors, it usually leans slightly cool. Use of contrast is often more subtle. 

Vibe: Reflective, moody, understated 


A warm season filled with many warm tones. Golden muted hues make the art in this season create a sense of coziness. This season is approachable and often lower contrast.

Vibe: Approachable, sincere, homebody.


This season is known for high contrast and pure intense colors. A season of opposites. These pieces of art are refined, yet bold. This season tends to lean more toward cooler colors. This season includes black, bold, metallics, and bright pure colors.

Vibe: luxury, daring, direct


Light, clear colors that lean more toward warm color temperatures. This season can have high use of contrast due to crispness of the colors. However, lower contrast pieces are also common. 

Vibe: Joyful, Joie d vivre, youth, peace

A Note From LORIN

As an artist, I am drawn to deep moody colors. The colors of a storm coming in. Rain speaks deeply to me, so muted seeing through the rainstorm colors are deeply relaxing to me. My default is summer colors. I enjoy playing with contrast to create a sense of balance while juxtaposing elements to each other. And finally, I find great inspiration in the natural world and am drawn to realism paintings with a dip into abstract realism.

Art comes from an abundance. Created for the sole purpose of beauty. To dimly reflect the beauty of creation. To shine a light into the deep workings of the human heart. Adding this layer to your home helps evoke the feeling you wish to express, how you want your home to feel, and how you would like to become.

The right art provides you with a visual sigh of relief. 

I would love to hear you thoughts on this and to know what color season, contrast, and style you are drawn to. Send me a message in the box below. 


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