Live Oak Egret Candle

Inspired by the rich scent of live oaks in the fall. A cozy blend of greens with beautiful notes of fresh mint intertwines with crisp apples and peaches with base notes of musk and moss.

A deeply scented mysterious fragrance that smells layered, earthy, and rich. The Live Oak Egret Candle is reminiscent of the grandeur of live oaks and their unparalleled sense of place.

Paired with the  elegant “Egret in Black I and II” paintings this candle accents the drama and mystery of this coastal Louisiana egret painting.  The top notes of fresh mint and greens highlight the fraser fur and incense base while the middle notes of apple and jasmine provide a subtle contrast.

Top: Greens, Fresh Mint
Middle: Apple, Jasmine
Base: Fraser Fur, Patchouli, Incense

canvas & paper prints

Egret in Black I


Egret in Black II



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