Camellia Botanical Painting

Camellias are even more beautiful because they bloom in the depths of winter. Whenever, everything has shriveled from the frost and withered away. When the elephant ears can take no more, the Camellia stands ever green. The Camellia blooms in its time. Beauty in the coldness, beauty catching moonbeams in the extended nights. 

This painting was inspired by an old, rambling Camellia next to a little hundred year old country church in Ethel, Louisiana. It is completely perfect in its wild, unhurried way. Blooming in its time. Year after year. You could almost get lost in the branches of some Camellias. Their petals browning, branches are filled with the deep green color that pauses my breath. A carpet of fallen petals are laid for the world to walk on. 

They make me slow down. And I need to slow down. Even in the winters of life, I need to slow down and see the beauty that comes with each season.


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