A P A I X O N A D A is devoted to helping women fall in love with the life they live. It encourages women in their faith, in developing a home, and finding time to do the things they love with the ones they love.

What does  A P A I X O N A D A  mean?

A P A I X O N A D A – (a-pie-shun-nada) a Portuguese adjective that translates best as “falling in love” in English

Oh, this word. I love the way it sounds, the one who taught me it, and the little ways we see it each day. 

My husband taught me this word along with the rest of the Portuguese language. When we met, I didn’t speak Portuguese, and he didn’t speak English. As we grew closer to each other and more in love, we learned each others languages. By the way… I am “apaixonada” with him!!

This word also makes me think of God and how much he loves us. We can’t even comprehend how much. Even in this crazy world, we can see reminders of his love. His creation spread out before us. That sunset over the strip mall, the miracle of answered prayers, the wild flowers on the side of the road. 

What if we were in love with the life we have now? Not in the 5 year master plan time. Not the when we finish school time. Not the when I finish my to do list time. What if we slowed down, and we saw the beauty hidden all around us. I think it would do us good. But, I’m right there with you. It’s a daily challenge. A daily choice – to smile and say, “Thank you.”

A Little about Lorin

Hi! I am Lorin, and I am the mind behind A P A I X O N A D A. I have the BEST husband, and the cutest dog. I adore flowers, and I love to have a project that I’m working on. Thanks for stopping by!